Case Studies 

Services & Workshops 

Promec Enginnering Workshops: 
8000 Sq. Ft. Fabrication Facility 
6 Tonne single lift Gantry Crane 
Calibrated Machinery 
Local Exhaust Ventilation 
Capacity to form, roll and sheet cut steels & pipe sections 
2 Double doors Full Height Goods In / Out 
Controlled Electrode & Consumable Stores 


Civil Engineering 
Deep excavations 
Confined space working 
Ground surveys 
General groundworks 
Mechanical Engineering 
Coded welding 
Pressure testing 
General fabrication 
Cathodic Protection 
E & I Services 
In partnership with our approved E&I company 
Design, Drawings & Surveys 
Blasting, Painting & Coatings 
CDM Principal Contractor Role 
Project Management 


National Grid 
Northern Gas Neworks 
Wales & West 
Bristish Pipelines Agnecy 
Oil Pipelines Agency 
Exxon Mobil 
Thames water 
Bristol water 
Wessex water 

Exxon Mobil - Pipe Diversion – 1 kilometer of 150NS / 200NS Pipe 

Key Facts:  
Diversion of existing pipework to allow new roads and infastructure. 
Field Fabrication, Welding and Testing of a Carbon Steel line carrying Hydrocarbons. 
Duration: 19 Weeks 
Location: Bristol 
Fence erected adjacent to reen and spread prepared 
Pipe supports and 
route marked out 
Pipe strung and 
Field fabrication and welding 
Welding shelter and forced air 
Trench Prepared 
Lower & lay of pipeline 
Lower & lay of pipeline 

Northern Gas Networks – HP, MP & LP 450/500mm Gas Diversion 

Key Facts:  
Diversion of HP, MP & LP Steel & PE Lines 
Duration: 42 Weeks 
Location: Newcastle 
Existing steel & PE 
pipes exposed 
New & existing routes of pipework 
New PE and steel pipe 
Welding shelter & 
forced air 
Existing line identified 
Lower and lay of pipeline 
New installation of PE and steel 450/500mm lines 
Embankment works 
Squeeze off connections 
Area backfilled and 

Northern Gas Networks – Saltwick AGI, Mechanical, Civil, E&I Upgrade 

Key Facts: 
Site meter stream, Mech, Civil & E&I Upgrade 
Duration: 37 Weeks 
Location: Saltwick 
Preparation for new cable ducts and draw boxes 
New kiosk base slab –  
Rebar and shuttering 
Wind & water line preparation 
Excavation, P9 works & preparation for Hot Tap procedure 
New bypass pipework, installed  
in preparation to be buried & backfilled. 
Complete with new support &  
concrete pads. 
Existing pipework blasted & painted with new flange protectors 
Cable duct draw pits with new covers 
Wind & water lines completed, new surrounds and backfilled 

British Pipeline Agency – New UK Central Operations Control Centre 

Key Facts: 
New Retaining Wall, Electrical Ducts and Slab for UK Control Centre 
Duration 24 Weeks 
Location - Kingsbury 
View prior to construction work 
Commencement of excavations 
Completion of phase 1 excavation 
Commencement of retaining wall build 
Installation of cable duct 
Retaining wall complete 
Re-bar installation 
Concrete pour works 
Completion of pour 
Buidling sited and new security fencing installed. 
Rear view of retaining wall with new handrails positioned on top blocks. Back filled with stone and chippings. 

Oil Pipelines Agency- Tank Feed Pipework 

Key Facts: 
Site survey to measure and produce drawings to fabricate, test and installation of new feed and return pipework for JetA1 fuel hydrocarbons. 
Existing pipework was removed and transported off site during a planned outage. 
Valves, NRV’s and new site glass systems were installed with volume detection. 
Duration: 7 Weeks 
Location: Hallen 
New concrete bases were set within the side of the embankment to allow for the new pipe sections to be installed. 
New pipework had to run adjacent to the steps. These were supported on each section with a bespoke fabricated bracket. 
Final fire prior to paint touch up. 

SPL – 1,140 MW Gas-Fired Power Station - Module Link Bridge – Design & Build 

Key Facts:  
Requirement for a link bridge between two modules 
Duration: 8 weeks from design to completion 
Location: Bristol 
Area with no link bridge or access 
New link bridge & access 
During Construction 
During Construction 
Installation Complete 
Installation Complete 
New access ladder with landing & safety gate 
Access landing &  
gate No 1 
Access landing & 
gate No 2 


44 (0)1291 428444 
Severn Link Distribution Centre, Chepstow, Monmouthshire, NP16 6UN 
44 (0)1291 428444 
Severn Link Distribution Centre, Chepstow, Monmouthshire, NP16 6UN 


Certificate Number 9627 
ISO 9001, ISO 14001, 
ISO 45001 
VAT Registration Number: GB942412836 | Unit 1, Severn Link Distribution Centre, Chepstow, Monmouthshire, NP16 6UN 
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